Schadenfreude or Mudita

Today, starting roughs for images in response to Dan Ariely's research project on social inequalities. The top 20% of americans have 84% of the wealth, the bottom 40% have 0.3% of the wealth.  This image is in response to research that states that in a social groupings (or society at large) if one or more people are richer then people directly below them by comparison feel less happy with their lives. This is repeated down the line until you get to the poorest in society. Interestingly those at the very top are the most likely to favour socialcare and benefits for the poor and those one step away from the poorest are the most vehemently against benefits. This flies in the face of statistics which state that 90 % of us would like a more equal society, but I guess by that most people want to be just a little bit more equal than everyone else to feel happy.