Prague - Five down three to go

IMG_7823 IMG_7821 IMG_7825 L1090877 L1090865 L1090879 L1100030 IMG_7839 IMG_7824 L1100027 IMG_7831 IMG_7836 Continuing the recent theme of visiting former Eastern Bloc countries (only have Albania, Yugoslavia and Bulgaria to go for the full set) and seemingly following the footsteps of Alexei Sayle in his book Stalin Ate My Homework (2010) I was recently lucky enough to travel to Prague with Stockport College illustration Degree students.

Some highlights if you ever make it over there:

Terrys Posters fantastic collection of Czech film posters.


Kafka Museum an intense but informative experience, which locates and goes some way to explain his writing.

Sedlec Ossuary a small church artistically decorated by more than 40.000 human skeletons.


Veletržní Palace permanent collection of 20th and 21st century art.


Museum of Communism low budget, difficult to find but surprisingly rewarding.


Agharta Jazz Club who doesn't like a bit a jazz right? (well apart from almost everyone I know ;-) Small cellar club, saw the house band who were pretty solid.