Lovely start to May, I was in Hereford at the School of Art on Wednesday giving an informal presentation of working methods, influences and a sort of ‘top ten tips for illustrators thing' garnered over 25 years of freelancing. It was great to meet a range of students 1st, 2nd , 3rd year, foundation and even the odd graphic designer. There where similarities to Stockport College (where I work on a part time basis) in the ethos and smaller more intimate scale of the group sizes, the students clearly benefited from this and had great working relationships with the staff. The students also had dedicated workspaces, increasingly a rare thing. There was nice mix of analogue and digital work being produced, lovely to see lino cutting and etching going on in the studio and being incorporated into the image making process. Thanks to Neil and the students for inviting me down, I had a lovely day in a beautiful part of the country. L1080807

Saw this great locksmiths and ironmongers shop in the centre of Hereford, the cranky owner seemed to have an eye for outsider art with these amazing wooden keys and locks displayed on the outside of his shop. Beats the awful orange B&Q logo any day.

IMG_6309 IMG_6302