.........and relax

Happy to be back in the studio working on an image about controlled breathing, for a Danish Men's magazine (not that sort of Danish Men's magazine! Think Borgen not Bunny Girls)  Here's a snippet of the article and a peek at how the image is looking so far.

How we breathe, tells not just how we feel. Breathing can work the other way around, so we can affect how we feel, says psychologist Merete Aasborg. "Breathing is part of our autonomic nervous system and regulate themselves according to our feelings. At the same time, specific breathing rhythms evoke certain emotions, such as joy and fear. So you can use the breath actively to change one's mental state and cleanse the body of stress. "

Merete Aasborg has followed and documented the results of a study of Danish war veterans with post-traumatic stress underwent a 10 days long program with yoga exercises, various breathing techniques and meditation. In particular, a series of respiratory rhythms from old yoga tradition Sudarshan Kriya seem to have a positive effect on people with post-traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, violent behavior and abuse. But also people with less serious problems can benefit greatly from Sudarshan Kriya to combat stress, get better sleep, strengthen the immune system, have more energy and be more focused.

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